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Why Choose Status Transportation as Your Motor Carrier?

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With so many motor carrier companies available that provide a broad range of services to owner operators, why choose Status Transportation as your home company? What makes us different as a company is that we understand the industry from first-hand experience. We know what is like to be behind the wheel; you could say we have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. This experience gives us a unique insight into what services owner operators want and how these services should be provided. We are committed to doing that so you can focus on what is important to you, and run a successful business.


Everything from our initial orientation, pay programs, and dispatching strategies is designed with truck drivers in mind. Status Transportation reviews policies and plans on a regular basis to adapt them to changes in the industry and offer our customers the best service. Several drivers have stayed with us since we first opened our doors, and they can attest to the continuous growth and success we have shared and enjoyed.
Hard work, discipline, and dedication have paid off, and today we have a beautiful and modern facility in Winter Garden, FL. Our office is equipped with state of the art communication systems and technology. Our in-house custom designed system can handle every step of the process; from booking loads to the point where we issue payment settlements. This allows us to provide more efficient and effective services to our owner operators.


At Status Transportation, we seek to form strong, long-lasting relationships and strategic partnerships that will be beneficial to both enterprises. As an owner operator forming a strategic partnership with the right motor carrier can boost your efforts in two main areas: stability and growth. Our mission is to set you on the road to success while building a relationship based on trust, strong communication, and friendship.


Status Transportation non-forced dispatchHow We Understand Non-Forced Dispatch at Status

Owner operators who come on board at Status Transportation have the freedom to decide how then want to run their business. That includes having a say on what loads to accept. Our non-forced dispatch approach empowers you to call the shots.
We understand sometimes you may not have the necessary hours to complete a load legally. Therefore, you may need to decline, but just as in any relationship this is a two-way road. We only ask that you do not cancel a load or ask for more money per mile once you have agreed to a load.
Of course, if you feel sick or need time off we can work with you to get you where you need to be. Constant and continuous communication with your dispatcher are critical, just talk to your dispatcher and let him know your plans ahead of time so he can find the loads you need to get you back home.

Regions of operation
Each driver has different needs and preferences. While some may prefer to run over the road for several weeks at a time, others might want to stay closer to home and be back on the weekends. Having loads available in all 48 states gives us the versatility to offer you a pay plan that will better fit your needs.
Owner operators on the road pay plan tend to drive for three weeks at a time, giving them access to east-west, north-south and Midwest long runs. Our regional pay program allows drivers to stay closer to home by running in your home state and at least the five surrounding states. Regional drivers usually drive five days a week. Depending on your business strategy or individual needs one of these two options will work best for you.


Our Safety Team

Our safety team is comprised of a group of experts who are here to support you and help you to stay compliant while making sure you have all the required permits and tags. You will have peace of mind in knowing they are proactive to avoid any DOT issues by keeping all your paperwork in order. Do not hesitate to call our safety department for any questions regarding safety regulations, log books, hours, or insurance.

Accounting department


Accounting Department

The accounting department at Status Transportation is in charge issuing weekly settlements, process deductions, calculate IFTA taxes every quarter and payment of any bonuses. Feel free to call us if you ever have questions regarding the previously mentioned list of services.


Status Truck & Trailer Repair

Status Transportation owner operators also have access to our tractor and trailer repair facility in Atlanta, GA. You can take care of all your truck and trailer maintenance and repairs in one location equipped with certified technicians and the best staff. We have ongoing specials and discounts exclusively for owner operators working with Status Transportation. As part of our services, we can set up a mechanic account which you can use to set money aside on a weekly basis. You can use this money to take care of maintenance or repair issues at any moment. We recommend establishing a maintenance program to take care of your truck to prevent any unforeseen repairs or breakdowns.

As part of the multiple benefits offered by Status Transportation, we also have fuel discount programs, weekly settlements, and direct deposits so you can have the necessary cash flow to operate your business. We even have same week pay on loads delivered by Wednesday.


Make sure to check out our Youtube Channel to watch Status Transportation reviews and comments by other drivers who are working with the company.


As you can see, there are many advantages of leasing to Status Transportation. For more information on owner operator trucking jobs call today and talk to one of our recruiters, we will gladly answer all your questions.


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